Sneak Peak

The Magic of Finkleton


Nestled in the lush countryside of England exists a tiny place called Finkleton. Finkleton is too small to be officially considered a town; most would consider it a village. In fact, Finkleton is so small it cannot be located on any map.

Finkleton is a thriving, self-sufficient community. Every year all their crops overflow with an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. The farmers trade and sell amongst each other, then sell their excess crops at local markets in nearby towns.

The weather in Finkleton is always perfect for each farmer. So perfect, in fact, that not one farmer has ever wanted to sell their land and move away.

Of course outsiders have tried to persuade the farmers to sell their land, but it is all to no avail. Nobody wants to move from their farm. But the farmers’ refusals to sell doesn’t stop outsiders, who continue to try and persuade the local farmers to bargain with them for their perfect farmland.

Some folks say Finkleton holds the luckiest lands in England. Others shrug and say instead that it is a magical place.


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